Microfiber, Brown, Nailhead - MasKeith
Microfiber, Brown, Nailhead - MasKeith

by MasKeith - AG

Microfiber, Brown, Nailhead

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In order to find the right size, measure a side of your face from a center of the ear to tip of the noise straight, try "Medium" if its between 6" to 7" and "Large" if above 7". 

  • Contoured Face Mask,
  • Made of Neoprene Fabric, 
  • Single Layer, Reversible,
  • Anti-Dust, Anti-Pollen and Etc.,
  • Hand Washing and Air Dry,
  • Sanitized and Packaged,
  • Reusable, One Size Fits Most
  • Non-Medical Grade.